2nd international conference on pedagogical Approaches and E-Learning APEL’2016

14-15 December 2016 | Fez, Morocco

Apel 2016 fez Morocco

The Moroccan university is currently faced with multiple challenges, including, for instance, instructional quality, individualization of learning, learners’ motivation, free access to training and rationalization of human resources and equipment, Etc.

Besides, a large number of higher education institutions have enough human and technological resources to develop open and distance training curricula. However, developing e-learning projects is often faced with various obstacles, especially the lack of a real organizational strategy and appropriate pedagogical planning, which is necessary for such projects.

In this context, and following the success of the first edition of the APEL’2015 workshop, which was held in EST-USMBA (Higher School of Technology), Fez-Morocco. This second edition: the international conference on pedagogical approaches and E-Learning (APEL’2016), is organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST-USMBA), in Fez-Morocco. APEL’2016 is intended to be an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and socio-professional actors, who will debate the development and promotion of instruction and training based on ICT. By implementing adapted, scalable and open action plans, and by taking into account pedagogical aspects and organizational policies that go beyond a mere technical view.

Several trainings are planned to be organized in parallel to the conference:

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