SEIT’19 – Digital Trust: Challenges and Opportunities

24 April 2019 | INPT, Rabat, Morocco

Scientific Event on IT – 4th Edition
Digital Trust: Challenges and Opportunities
Co-located with Morocco Blockchain Summit

April 24-25th , 2019 at INPT, Rabat

Following the great success of the previous editions of the Scientific Event on Information Technology (SEIT), AMTIC and INPT organize the 4th edition to be held in April 24-25, 2019, at INPT, Rabat. SEIT’19 will be articulated around the theme:  »Digital Trust: Challenges and Opportunities ». This edition will be co-located with Morocco Blockchain Summit.

Digital transformation is considered as a big challenge for organizations, which will increase their connectivity, mobility and the provided online services. This evolution is basically supported by Cloud-based infrastructures, Internet of Things, mobile devices and platforms, 5G networks and also by using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for decision-making. However, this complex digital ecosystem increases the cyber-security risks and expands drastically the threats spectrum.

Digital trust is a keystone concept, which can improve different actors confidence in adopting and using the digital ecosystem in this Internet of Everything age. Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolutionary way to strengthen digital trust. This technology is seen as an open and distributed ledger that can record transactions efficiently in a verifiable and permanent way without the need of a third trusted party. It involves many concepts such as cryptography mechanism, decentralized data, resilience and digital identity to harden security and improve trust between implied actors. Although all these benefits, many drawbacks and open issues are still present which decrease the mass adoption of Blockchain technology in financial organizations and other enterprises, and open the perspectives for further development.

This event will provide an opportunity for different actors to exchange and discuss research evidence, case studies, opportunities, challenges and emerging directions related to the digital trust, in general, and to Blockchain technology in particular. SEIT’19 will include keynote presentations and an interactive panel discussion. The event will also hold a poster session and an open project competition.

More details can be found at: EVENT’s WEBSITE