After the success of the second edition of the Information and Communication Technologies International Symposium (ICTIS'07) and the IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS'09) that were held in Fez, the IEEE Colloquium in Information Science and Technology is emerging as a key annual event organized by the faculty of sciences dhar mahraz of the university of sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, the faculty of technical sciences of Fez, the IEEE Morocco section, the IEEE Morocco computer & communications chapter, and the USMBA IEEE Student Branch. It brings together computer science researchers, IT decision makers, IT architects, software and application designers and practitioners to discuss computing challenges, models, applications and solutions from the perspectives of academia, industry and government.

Among the objectives of the Fez IEEE CIST'11 is the initiation of various projects for the 7th European framework program for research and development (PCRD7).