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Designing Business Models Options for "University of the Future"


Jamaludin Bin Ibrahim

Kulliyyah of Information & Communication Technology, IIUM, Malaysia

Biography :

Jamaludin Ibrahim obtained his BSc from Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois in 1978 and completed his MSc from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York in 1980. He returned to Malaysia in December 1980 and took up a lecturer position at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. He became the first Head of Department of Computer Science, and then Head of Postgraduate Studies at Institut Sains Komputer (ISK-UTM), Deputy Director of ISK, Director of ISK and eventually the founding Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Systems. He was also promoted to become Associate Professor. He successfully grew the faculty to have yearly intake of 1000 computer students. He was awarded with research fellowships on Machine Translation at Fujitsu Research, Tokyo, Japan (1989) and High Performance Computing at Cray Research Eagan-Minnesota, USA (1993). For his outstanding contribution to UTM, he was conferred the “Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang” or “Excellent Service Award”.

In 1995, he went for an industrial attachment at EDI Malaysia and Time Telekom to acquire hands-on industry experience for nine months. He became the Acting GM for Time Quantum SB, a Time Telekom subsidiary company start-up – managing the architecting, development, and deployment of Time Telekom’s RM500 million Operations Support Services infrastructure. After the industrial attachment he was offered to join the diversified DRB-HICOM Group responsible for ICT outsourcing services and privatization until 2000. Subsequently he was offered to be part of another conglomerate MRCB as GM of Broadband Infrastructure and then as CEO of the MegaTV (a cable TV company under the TV3 Group). He continued to become Head of MRCB Multimedia Division managing a number of companies in the division until 2003. He was successful in turning around the RM90 million MSC’s HRMIS project under MRCB Multimedia Consortium SB. Jamaludin then moved on to become an entrepreneur and was involved in a number of ICT start-ups (local and international) as a shareholder, advisor and mentor. In 2008 he was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at Kulliyyah of ICT-IIUM.

Currently, Jamaludin is a Senior Fellow at the Department of Information Systems, KICT-IIUM since October 2009. He taught postgraduate courses on Information Security Policy & Strategy, IT Policy & Strategy, Project Management, Business Continuity-Disaster Recovery, Physical Protective Security, Intrusion Detection System, Mobile Communications and; undergraduate courses on Technopreneurship, Management Information System and Introduction to Information Security.

Jamaludin was the Principal Researcher and Project Leader for the RM3 million DBrain Project funded by Technofund under the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The R&D project was successfully completed in 2012 with two patents and a number of research papers. Currently he is part of the IIUM-Cyber Security Malaysia team promoting for the establishment of the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence for the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and Islamic Development Bank (IDB). He is also active in promoting the use of business models and value proposition design canvas in product development, social entrepreneurship, start-ups, R&D spin-offs and on existing business operations.

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