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Papers Confirmed at the 5th IEEE Congress on Information Science and Technology

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7  An AHP-based Method to Fix Inconsistencies in UML Collaborative Modeling Driss Allaki, Mohamed Dahchour and Abdeslam En-Nouaary Institut National des Postes et Télécommunications Morocco
13  Cooperation Based Coalition Formation in Distributed Systems Messaouda Ayachi, Hachem Slimani and Hassina Nacer University of Bejaia Algeria
15  Towards A Language Interface Design to coordinate between Heterogeneous DSMLs Naima Essadi and Adil Anwar Mohammed 5 University Morocco
16  Institutional arrangement in the implementation of government’s ESB: the case of Indonesia Agung Darono Ministry of Finance Indonesia
19  Parallel Implementation of PrePost Algorithm Based on Hadoop for Big Data Yassir Rochd and Imad Hafidi Hassan I University Morocco
27  Towards Exploring Context to Insure Fault Tolerance in Home Automation Medical System Meriem Zaiter, Salima Hacini and Moussa Guedrez LARBI BEN M'HIDI UNIVERSITY OF OUM EL BOUAGHI Algeria
29  ABAC Conceptual Graph Model for Composite Web Services Nabil Djebari, Hassina Nacer, Djamil Aissani, Hachem Slimani and Beghdad B. Kadda  University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene Algeria
31  BPMN Profile for Collaborative Business Process Leila Amdah and Adil Anwar Mohammed 5 University Morocco
32  Autonomous SLAs Negoiation based on Agreement-Broker: Services Availability Zineb Bakraouy, Amine Baina and Mostafa Bellafkih Institut National des Postes et Télécommunications Morocco
37  Towards to a New Meta-model of IoTs Interoperability Rachida Ait Abdelouahid, Abdelaziz Marzak and Nawal Sael Hassan II University Morocco
38  Constraint based Testing and Verification of Java Bytecode Programs Safaa Achour and Mohammed Benattou Ibn Tofail University Morocco
40  Scalable and Real-time time series Analytics : Telemedicine as use case Abdelilah Bouslama, Yassin Laaziz and Abdelhak Tali Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco
41  The road safety information systems appropriate to the systemic approach: the case of Morocco Nassima Laaraj and Fouad Jawab Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University Morocco
48  Data Lifecycle: From Big Data to Smart Data Mohammed El Arass and Nissrine Souissi Mohammed 5 University Morocco
55  Visualizing an Emerging Mobility Business Ecosystem Anne Faber, Maximilian Riemhofer, Adrian Hernandez-Mendez and Florian Matthes TU München Germany
56  Testing rules for Mapreduce frameworks Sara Hsaini, Salma Azzouzi and My El Hassan Charaf Ibn Tofail University Morocco
57  Transforming inheritance with constraints from XML schema to ODL schema Doha Malki and Bahaj Mohamed Hassan I University Morocco
62  Dynamic Data Sensitivity Access Control in Hadoop Platform Hafsa Ait Idar, Khalid Aissaoui, Hicham Belhadaoui and Reda Filali Hilali Hassan II University Morocco
64  Capitalization of knowledge through ontologies: A Knowledge Management approach in a strategic intelligence process Majda Nabigh and Najima Daoudi Ecole Docorale Abbée Grégoire France
73  Managing model conflicts in collaborative modeling using Constraint Programming Manar Zerrouk, Adil Anwar and Imade Benelallam Mohammed V University Morocco
74  Adaptation of the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) For the Moroccan Artisanal Enterprise Describing a new procedure and parameters of VSM for wood craft enterprise: case study Fatine Chouiraf and Anas Chafi University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Morocco
75  Deconflicting policies in attribute-based access control systems Mohamed Yahiaoui, Ahmed Zinedine and Mostafa Harti University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Morocco
78  Configurable Process Mining: Variability Discovery Approach Rabab Sikal, Hanae Sbai and Laila Kjiri Mohammed V University Morocco
80  Ontology based on electronic payment fraud prevention Ahmed El Orche, Mohamed Bahaj and Soumya Ayn Alhayat Hassan I University Morocco
81  Context Aware Recommender Systems for Tourism: A Concise Review Asmae Bentaleb, Younes El Bouzekri El Idrissi, Ayoub Ait Lahcen and Mohammed Boulmalf Ibn Tofail University Morocco
83  Recommendation system based on data analysis Application on tweets sentiment analysis Sana Nabil, Jaber Elbouhdidi and Mohamed Yassin Chkouri Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco
84  Deep Learning Based Recommender Systems Brahim Ouhbi, Bouchra Frikh, El Moukhtar Zammouri and Abdellwahed Abbad Moulay Ismail University Morocco
88  Data Mining Modelization of Murabaha Return Risk linked to Economic Factors K Chelhi, M El Hachloufi, M.  Elfar, A Eddaoui and A Marzak Hassan II University Morocco






3 Feature Selection Applied to G.729 Synthesized Speech for Automatic Speaker Recognition Kawthar Yasmine Zergat, Abderrahmane Amrouche and Sid Ahmed Selouani University of science and technology houari boumediene Algeria
7  Word RNN as a Baseline for Sentence Completion Heewoong Park, Sukhyun Cho and Jonghun Park Seoul National University South Korea
8  Archiving and retrieving digital elaborations of ancient manuscripts Pasquale Savino, Anna Tonazzini, Franca Debole and Emanuele Salerno Italian National Research Council Italy
9  From digitization to NLP: manuscript virtual restoration Franca Debole, Muhammad Hanif, Emanuele Salerno, Pasquale Savino and Anna Tonazzini Italian National Research Council Italy
13  Semantic Analysis of Arabic Texts within SAFAR Framework Younes Jaafar, Mohammed Nasri, Karim Bouzoubaa and Adil Kabbaj Mohammed 5 University Morocco
16  Link Prediction in Dynamic Social Networks: A Literature Review Mohammad Marjan, Nazar Zaki and Elfadil Mohamed United Arab Emirates University United Arab Emirates
17  Identifying Corroborated and Contradicted Claims Among Witness Statements using Post-Hoc Collective Intelligence Dean Jones and Gunjan Mansingh The University of the West Indies Jamaica
20  Scanning is Just the Beginning: Exploiting Text and Language Technologies to Enhance the Value of Historical Manuscripts Angelo Mario Del Grosso, Andrea Bellandi, Emiliano Giovannetti, Simone Marchi and Ouafae Nahli Italian National Research Council Italy
24  A review of machine learning algorithms for web page classification Safae Lassri, El Habib Ben Lahmar and Abderrahim Tragha Hassan II University Morocco
28  Visualizing and Transcribing Complex Writings through RTI Federico Ponchio, Marion Lame, Roberto Scopigno and Bruce Robertson CNR-ISTI Italy
29  Feature Selection Based on Graph Representation Yassine Akhiat, Mohamed Chahhou and Ahmed Zinedine USMBA Morocco
32  Formalization of the Maçdar category by its patterns using the NooJ platform Ahmed Bounoua, Ahmed Zinedine, Mohamed El Hannach and Mohammed El Mohajir USMBA Morocco
36  Benefits of morphosyntactic features on English-Arabic Statistical Machine Translation Safae Berrichi and Azzeddine Mazroui  University Mohamed First Morocco
37  Opinion and sentiment polarity detection using supervised machine learning Ibtissam Touahri and Azzeddine Mazroui  University Mohamed First Morocco
39  Arabic language alignment with English ontologies - Some ontological reflections Ouafae Nahli CNR-ISTI Italy
41  Statistical Machine Translation for Bilingually Low-Resource Scenarios: A Round-Tripping Approach Benyamin Ahmadnia, Gholamreza Haffari and Javier Serrano  Autonomous University of Barcelona Spain
43  Qohelet Euporia: a Domain Specific Language to Annotate Multilingual Variant Readings Luigi Bambaci, Federico Boschetti and Riccardo Del Gratta University of Pisa Italy
44 Arabic Sentiment analysis using a Levenshtein Distance Based Representation Approach Basma Essatouti, Hakima Khamar, Sanaa El Fkihi, Rdouan Faizi and Rachid Oulad Haj Thami Mohammed 5 University Morocco

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4  New approach for Arabic characters recognition based on the «Hough Transform» M’barek Nasri and Mohammed Kadi Mohamed I University Morocco
5  Hybrid Segmentation Method for Grayscale Images Hanane Barrah and Cherkaoui Abdeljabbar Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco
6  Texture classification via attractive-and-repulsive decoded gradient contours Issam El Khadiri, Mohamed Kas, Youssef El Merabet, Yassine Ruichek and Raja Touahni Ibn Tofail University Morocco
10  Efficient coding for an optimal implementation of MLP on FPGA Farid Alilat and Réda Yahyaoui USTHB Algeria
11  A comparison of some contour based shape descriptors after applying Bezier curve approximation with application to Brachiopods classification Youssef Ait Khouya and Faouzi Ghorbel Ministry of National Education Morocco
12  Single core SIMD parallelization of GMM background subtraction algorithm for vehicles detection Lhoussein Mabrouk, Dominique Houzet, Said Belkouch, Sylvain Huet, Yahya Zennayi and Abdelkrim Hamzaoui Cadi Ayyad University Morocco
15  Audio-Visual Synchronisation in Quantum Movies Fei Yan, Abdullah Iliyasu, Sihao Jiao and Huamin Yang Changchun University of Science and Technology China
16  Vehicle Type Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network Hicham Bensedik, Ahmed Azough and Mohammed Meknassi USMBA Morocco
18  Fuzzy Hamming distance and Perfect Face Ratios based Face Sketch Recognition Khalid Ounachad, Abdelalim Sadiq and Abdelghani Souhar Ibn Tofail University Morocco
23  Comparative Study of Different Association Rule Methods Otmane Stit, Jamal Riffi, Ali Yahyaouy and Hamid Tairi USMBA Morocco






3  A Survey of Pedagogical Affordances of Augmented and Virtual Realities Technologies in IoT- Based Classroom Houda Elkoubaiti and Radouane Mrabet MOHAMMED 5 UNIVERSITY Morocco
4  A proposed design process of a customized educational hybrid prototyping machine Jihad El Mesbahi, Ahmed Rechia, Abdelilah El Mesbahi and Jihane Kojmane Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco
6  The use of Data Mining Software to Predict Student Performance and Support Decision Making in Education: A Case Study Fathi Tenzakhti Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia
7  Integrating MOOCs in Traditional Classrooms for higher education: experimental study in Chouaib Doukkali University Fatima Lakrami, Ouidad Labouidya and Najib El Kamoun Chouaib Doukkali University Morocco
9  Case-Based Reasoning for E-learning Systems: State of the art Soundouss Abroun, Mohamed Ghailani and Abdelhadi Fennan Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco
10  The Effect of Using Computerize Software to Solving the Problem of Fractions Learning Feras Zahda and Motasem Natsheh Palestine Polytechnic University Palestine
11  Knowledge Management to Support Learning Analytics in Higher Education Abdullah Alenezi, Christos Emmanouilidis and Ahmed Al-Ashaab Cranfield University United Kingdom
13  Smart courses recommender system for online learning platform Karim Dahdouh, Ahmed Dakkak, Oughdir Lahcen and Ibriz Abdelali USMBA Morocco
15  Simple Spirited Scalable E-Learning System Soma Datta and Swati Bhattacharyya UNIV OF HOUSTON - CLEAR LAKE United States
19  How to Analyze the Overall Performance of a Student: Strong or Weak? Monalisa Dey, Anupam Mondal and Dipankar Das Jadavpur University India
21  Designing an IMS-LD Model for Collaboration Space of Learning Management System Ouadoud Mohammed and Chkouri Mohamed Yassin Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco






4  Mobile Graphical User Interface with People with Verbal Communication Disorders Nikolay Pavlov, Yanica Chukanska, Manuel Castro, Clara Maria Pérez, María José Albert and Nevena Mileva Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" Bulgaria
5  The TESI Project: An Adaptative Personalized System for creating Expression Tools in Social Inclusion of disadvantage learners Maria Jose Albert, Clara Perez-Molina, María José Mudarra, María García-Pérez, Manuel Castro, Nikolay Pavlov and Nevena Mileva UNED Spain
6  Quality in the Mobile Digital Resources (MDR) Conceptual Model María José Albert, Clara Perez-Molina, María García-Pérez, María José Mudarra, Nevena Milena, Beatriz Martin Alonso and Manuel Castro UNED Spain
9  BCI for assessing the emotional and cognitive skills of children with special educational needs Anna Lekova, Maya Dimitrova, Snezhanka Kostova, Leire Ozaeta and Omar Bouattane Hassan II University of Casablanca Morocco
10 ReadLet: Reading for Understanding Marcello Ferro, Claudia Cappa, Sara Giulivi, Claudia Marzi, Ouafae Nahli, Franco Alberto Cardillo and Vito Pirrelli Natioanl Research Centre - ILC Italy
11  A Heuristic Evaluation of an Educational Game for Children with Dyslexia Nihal Ouherrou, Fatimaezzahra Benmarrakchi, Oussama El Hammoumi and Jamal El Kafi  Chouaib Doukkali University Morocco
12  The Effectiveness of Development Skills Plan Framework for Learning Disabilities Children: A Systematic Literature Review Zahidah Zulkifli and Ely Salwana Mat Surin Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia
13  The Use of ICT in Dealing with Learning Disabilities: A Literature Review with a focus on Reading Arabic Texts Mohamed Aymane Sbai and Maha El Biadi Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University Morocco
14  Adaptive Dialogue System for Disabled Learners: Towards a Learning Disabilities Model Mohammed Taouil, Ahlame Begdouri and Aicha Majda Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University Morocco
18  Systematic Review: OER and disability Nidia Moreno, Edmundo Tovar Caro and Rosa Cabedo Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Spain
19  Text-To-Speech technology for Arabic language learners Oumaima Zine, Abdelouafi Meziane and Meryem El Hadi  University Mohamed First Morocco






2  Dynamic Fuzzy Asset Management for Worst Scenarios with Average Value-at-Risks Yuji Yoshida University of Kitakyushu Japan
3  Empirical Path Loss Models Optimization Using Three Methods for Mobile Communication Messaoud Garah, Houcine Oudira and Lotfi Djouane M'sila university Algeria
5  Wind Turbine Doubly-Fed Asynchronous Machine Diagnosis Defects -part two El Hammouchi Fatima, El Menzhi Lamia, Saad Abdallah, Ihedrane Yasmine and Bossoufi Badr Hassan II University Morocco
9  Solar Cell Parameters Extraction of Photovoltaic Module Using Nelder-Mead Optimization Houcine Oudira University Mohamed Boudiaf M'Sila Algeria
11  The performance of Decentralized CFAR Detection using Biogeography Based Optimization Amel Gouri, Amar Mezache and Houcine Oudira University Mohamed Boudiaf M'Sila Algeria
13  Design of Fuzzy Control T-S for Wind Energy Conversion System based PMSG using LMI Approach Chakib Chatri and Mohammed Ouassaid Mohammed V University Morocco
15  Performance study of the Genetic Algorithm and the Levenverg-Marquardt optimization algorithm for the calibration of a rotating camera  Performance study of the Genetic Algorithm and the Levenverg-Marquardt optimization algorithm for the calibration of a rotating camera  Ibn tofail university Morocco
18  Optimal Coordination Time Interval for DOCRs in Presence of D-FACTS Lazhar Bougouffa and Abdelaziz Chaghi El-oued University Algeria






1  An Improvement of Performance in 4G LTE Using Software Defined Network Fatima Laassiri, Mohamed Moughit and Noureddine Idboufker Hassan I University Morocco
2 Secure Mobility Management using CoAP in the Internet of Things Brian Oryema, Byunghoon Lee, Cheolwoo Chung and Jongtae Park Kyungpook National University South Korea
3  Performance evaluation of VANETs routing protocols using SUMO and NS3 Amina Bengag and Mohamed Elboukhari Mohammed First University Morocco
4  2-D MUSIC Algorithm based on Uniform Triangular Array Mohammed Amine Ihedrane and Seddik Bri Moulay Ismail University Morocco
12  Framework for optimizing the charging time of electric vehicles in public supply station deployed in smart cities El-Fedany Ibrahim, Kiouach Driss and Alaoui Rachid Ibn Zohr University Morocco
14  Control of three phase grid connected photovoltaic power systems Othmane Salama, Abdelmoumen Tabyaoui and Mohamed Benchagra Hassan I University Morocco
15  Smart Resident: A Personalized Transportation Guidance System Mohammad Amin Kuhail, Bilal Ahmad and Collin Rottinghaus University of Missouri-Kansas City United States of America
19  MoVITS : Moroccan Video Intelligent Transport System Kaoutar Kabbaj, Hatim Derrouz, Abderrahim El Bouziady, Rachid Oulad Haj Thami, Yahya Zennayi, François Bourzeix and Omar Bourja Mohammed V University Morocco
22  Adaptive Traffic Light Control System Using Wireless Sensors Networks Nouha Rida, Aberrahim Hasbi and Samira Chebli Mohammed V University Morocco
23  Towards Mobile Node Collaboration to Ensure Data Reception in Wireless Sensor Networks Lyamine Guezouli, Kamel Barka and Souheila Bouam University of Batna 2 Algeria
24  Wireless Sensors Network for Traffic surveillance and management in Smart Cities Anass El Mrini and Abdellatif Ghacham Amrani Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco
26  Optimal Shared Multicast Tree based solution for Group Key Management in mobile IPv6 Baddi Youssef and Mohamed Dafir El Kettani Chouaib Doukkali University Morocco
28 Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11p and IEEE 802.16e for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks using simulation tools Said Benkirane and Mohamed Benaziz Cadi Ayyad University Morocco
29  City logistics problems’ identification: A first step toward an analysis approach Soukaina Aziz, Rachid Benmoussa and El Hassan Irhirane Cadi Ayyad University Morocco
30  Detection MITM attack in Multi-SDN Controller Anass Sebbar, Mohamed Dafir El Kettani, Mohammed Boulmalf and Baddi Youssef Université internationale de Rabat Morocco
31  SDN-based solution to Improve IOT: Survey Hamza Zemrane, Baddi Youssef and Abderrahim Hasbi Mohammed V University Morocco
32  Security challenges in V2I architectures and proposed solutions Toubi Ayoub and Tomader Mazri  Ibn tofail university Morocco
33  Waijung Blockset-STM32F4 Environment for Real Time Induction Motor Speed Control Ali Hmidet and Othman Hasnaoui Tunis El Manar University Tunisia
34  A feasibility study and techno-economic evaluation of a standalone hybrid system for remote area: A case study of High Atlas mountains in Morocco Abdallah El Zerk, Mohammed Ouassaid and Youssef Zidani University Mohammed V Morocco
35  Simulation of MANET’s single and multiple Blackhole attack with NS-3 Oussama Sbai and Mohamed Elboukhari Mohamed 1st University Morocco
36  Classification of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Attacks Oussama Sbai and Mohamed Elboukhari Mohamed 1st University Morocco
37  Layer Optimization for Power Reduction in Integrated Circuits Lekbir Cherif, Mohamed Chentouf, Jalal Benallal, Mohammed Darmi, Rachid Elgouri and Nabil Hmina  Ibn tofail university Morocco
42  Energy Efficiency analysis in wireless systems by game theory Azzeddine Riahi and Sara Riahi  Chouaib Doukkali University Morocco
51  A network intrusion detection based on improved Nonlinear Fuzzy Robust PCA Amal Hadri, Khalid Chougdali and Raja Touahni Ibn Tofail University Morocco
53  RFID Application to Airport Luggage Tracking as a Green Logistics Approach Yassir Rouchdi and Khalid El Yassini International University of Rabat Morocco
55  Vertical and Horizontal Compression Scheme Assessment in Cluster-Based WSNs Jihane Elaasri, Samia Al Fallah, Mounir Arioua, Ahmed El Oualkadi and Zakriti Alia Abdelmalek Essaadi University Morocco