CIST’2012 is part of the IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SERIES that are held in Morocco, and is co-sponsored by the IEEE Morocco Section and the IEEE Morocco Computer & Communication Joint Chapter. The 2012 second edition will be held in Fez, Morocco from the 22 to the 24 of October 2012.

After holding in fez the second edition of the Information and Communication Technologies International Symposium (ICTIS'07) and the third IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS'09), the IEEE international Colloquium in Information Science and Technology is emerging as a key annual event that aims to serve as a forum to promote the exchange of the latest advances achieved by IT researchers, IT decision makers, IT managers, application designers and software engineers in the domain of computer based information and communication sciences. Computing challenges, conceptual models, implementation techniques and tools, applications architectures, and IT solutions will be discussed from the perspectives of academia, businesses, industry and government. The 2012 edition will also include tutorials and keynote sessions from world class speakers.

CIST’2012 will also provide a platform for supporting innovative and original contributions. The Technical English Committee will help bringing the accepted papers to the standards required by journals with a good impact factor.

CIST’2012 will include tutorials, presentations of contributed papers, posters, a research panel, an industrial track and state-of-the-art lectures by invited keynote speakers.