IEEE Conference on Information Science and Technology "CiSt" Chairs

Pr. Ismail Jellouli
Pr. Ismail JellouliFS, UAE, Tetuan, Morocco
Mohammed Al Ghobiri
Mohammed Al GhobiriKing Khalid University, Saudia Arabia

IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Processing "AIMP" Chairs

Pr. Mohamed El Far
Pr. Mohamed El FarFSDM, USMBA, Fez Morocco
Pr. Fei Yan
Pr. Fei YanChangchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China
Pr. Mohammed Chahhou
Pr. Mohammed ChahhouFS, UAE, Tetuan, Morocco

IEEE Conference on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing "MNLP" Chairs

Pr. Vito Pirrelli
Pr. Vito PirrelliInstitute for Computational Linguistics, CNR, Pisa, Italy
Pr. Azzeddine Mazroui
Pr. Azzeddine MazrouiDepartment of Computer Science, Mohammed First University, Oujda Morocco

IEEE Conference on Smart Cities and Innovative Systems "SCIS" Chairs

Pr. Yassine Salih Alj
Pr. Yassine Salih AljSchool of Science & Engineering, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
Pr. Sérgio Ivan Lopes
Pr. Sérgio Ivan LopesPolytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal

IEEE Conference on E-Learning and innovation in EDucation "ELED" Chairs

Pr.  Jaber El Bouhdidi
Pr. Jaber El BouhdidiENSA-Tetouan, UAE, Morocco
Pr. Dominique Groux-Leclet
Pr. Dominique Groux-LecletUniversity of Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens, France
Pr. Mohamed Ghailani
Pr. Mohamed GhailaniLabTIC Laboratory, ENSA-Tangier, UAE, Morocco

IEEE Conference on Optimization and Modeling of Complex Systems "OMCS" Chair

Pr. Outman El Hichami
Pr. Outman El HichamiENS, UAE, Morocco

IEEE Conference on Digital Preservation and processing technology of Written heritage "DPWH" Chairs

Dr. Ouafae Nahli
Dr. Ouafae NahliILC CNR, Pisa Italy
Dr. Franz Fischer
Dr. Franz FischerVeDPH, Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia Italy
Dr. Angelo Mario Del Grosso
Dr. Angelo Mario Del GrossoILC CNR, Pisa Italy

Research Challenges in Digitalization and Societal Transformation

Pr. Houda Chakiri
Pr. Houda ChakiriSchool of Science & Engineering, AUI, Ifrane, Morocco
Dr. Lani Fraizer
Dr. Lani FraizerGlobal Social Impact, University of the Pacific, United States