Accepted Papers on Invited Session

Accepted Papers on Invited Session "Information and Multimedia Processing"

• Alilat Farid and Loumi Saliha "Indexing and Content based Image Retrieval by SVM"
• Hanane Froud, Abdelmonaime Lachkar and Said Ouatik El Alaoui "Stemming Versus Light Stemming for Measuring the Simitilarity between Arabic Words with Latent Semantic Analysis Model"
• Nourdine Rais, Mostafa Idrissi Azzouzi and Lamiae Dounas "Offline Arabic handwritten Word Recognition without segmentation"
• Mhamed Sayyouri, Abdesalem Hmimid and Hassan Qjidaa" A Fast Computation of Charlier Moments for Binary and Gray-Scale Images"
• El Harchaoui Nour-Eddine, Mounir Ait Kerroum, Ahmed Hammouch, Mohamed Ouaddou, Driss Aboutajdine and Samir Bara "An Improved Fuzzy Clustering Approach using Possibilist C-means Algorithm: Application to Medical Image MRI"
• Abdesalem Hmimid, Mhamed Sayyouri and Hassan Qjidaa "fast method for reconstruction of binary and Grayscale images by the Tchebechev moments"